CloudCraze Connects Consumers To Facebook Brands Via Cloud Technology

By Justin Lafferty 

Brands on Facebook are always looking for new, efficient ways to connect with customers. CloudCraze, which recently released its 3.0 ecommerce platform, allows companies to use cloud technology to integrate Facebook actions into their sales sites, so users can like or share products that they purchase or enjoy.

CloudCraze allows customers to interact with brands’ Twitter and Facebook pages through a social widget, allowing users to see friends who also like the pages on Facebook. When users go deeper, onto companies’ product pages, they can interact via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The product widget lets consumers like individual products and send messages regarding the products to their Facebook friends. Brands can customize the widgets as needed.

CloudCraze works on the cloud, meaning that data are stored online instead of on a native server. It was built as an extension of the Salesforce platform.

Matt Burton, CloudCraze’s senior architect, talked with AllFacebook about how his company’s technology can help brands turn users and customers into advocates:

When you drill down to a product page, and get down to the detail page for that product, then we have tie-ins to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest regarding that particular product. At that point, it’s using the user’s Facebook account to post on their own wall, “Hey, I found this awesome product and I liked it. Check it out.” We use both the like for Facebook and the share … I look at Facebook as a huge enabler for word-of-mouth.

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