ClipTogether: Bringing Social Video Production to Facebook [Interview]

By anatresnick Comment

ClipTogether is a nifty new Facebook application that lets you produce videos with the collaboration of your Facebook friends. Once you have Facebook Connected with the app, you become the ‘producer’ of a video and can send invites to your friends to upload other photos, videos, or audio clips to the production. Friends who receive invitations become the ‘production team’ and can upload clips without having to connect with the app. This is a great idea for making customizable social videos for birthdays, trips, yearbooks, anniversaries and basically anything you might want to produce an original video for.

I had a chance to talk with the CEO of ClipTogether, Lior Tal, and Chief Architect, Liron Lipitz, and see a presentation of how ClipTogether works. Lior described ClipTogether as a ‘social video production tool to create video clip movies with friends, edit them, and publish them on Facebook.’ They showed me how the video editor offers 5 clip sections to be filled by either the producer or the facebook friends whom the producer has invited. To illustrate how the app works, I decided to make a test video of my dog, PK.

When a photo is uploaded into a clip section, all sorts of editing options are available such as adding text or funny images of hats, hair colors and mustaches to the image. If someone chooses to add a video, they can record themselves with their webcam or upload a premade video such as a birthday greeting or a beautiful place they visited. You can also choose images from a library of images to act as transition spaces between clips and add audio files to add music while the video is playing. The final product can be published on your Facebook wall.

The end product of my test video of my dog, PK, ended up being pretty hilarious and can be seen here:

For a few dollars, upgrades are available to add more clips and features than are already available by default. The ClipTogether Facebook app will shortly come out with a download feature wherein videos can be downloaded and published on other sites like This app was certainly fun for me to build a personalized video on my own and I bet that some very creative and entertaining videos will come out of this app as its popularity grows.