CityVille Tops FarmVille’s Highest Peak Of Monthly Users

By CJ Arlotta Comment

CityVille kicks off the New Year by kicking off FarmVille from its high horse. According to, CityVille has surpassed FarmVille as Facebook’s biggest game ever. CityVille already dethroned FarmVille as the biggest game currently on Facebook, however, CityVille has now passed FarmVille’s highest peak of monthly active users. CityVille, currently with 84.2 million monthly active users, is the only Facebook game to ever pass FarmVille’s 83.8 million MAU record.

CityVille, like every other Facebook game, is trying to do its best to recover from the holiday bug – when daily active users decrease, due to the holiday season. As of now, CityVille has 14.8 million daily active users, down from its daily active user peak of 17 million users on December 31st. CityVille, still the fastest growing game, will increase its user base as we get further away from the holidays.

This holiday bug is something developers should take into consideration, at least in my opinion. With CityVille being released so close to the holiday season, it makes your mind wander. If CityVille was released during a different time of the year, would its numbers be even higher now? CityVille would have most likely passed FarmVille’s all-time monthly active user peak earlier, and in a shorter amount of time.

Should gaming developers take the holiday bug into consideration before releasing a game? If so, would it be easier to predict when games are released? What would be the pros and cons of this? It would be interesting to find out if gaming developers take this into consideration, maybe I’ll a look into this. What say you?