CityVille Reaches 100 Million MAU: Headliner No More

By CJ Arlotta Comment

As predicted earlier in the week, CityVille has reached 100 million monthly active users – 100, 064, 578 to be exact. CityVille’s reign of terror reached historical goals for the social gaming world: topping FarmVille‘s highest peak of monthly active users and dethroning FarmVille from its high horse. Although, after the game’s intensifying month, it looks as though CityVille will no longer be the exciting phenomenon to discuss.

Even though CityVille has reached 100 million MAU, it does not mean that the it is still growing at the rate it was before. According to, CityVille’s daily growth is  currently at 550,000 users – down from yesterday’s 700,000. Now that CityVille has almost hit its peak, what does this mean for the rest of us?

CityVille will no longer always be in the headlines. When a game becomes a huge hit it receives constant coverage until it stables itself out. Once this occurs, it’s important to move ahead to find the newly emerging title. Without looking ahead in this industry, it will be tough for any developer to survive. Zynga developers are currently locked in their rooms putting together a game that will receive more MAU than CityVille. They are not constantly looking through the news to see CityVille’s historical achievements – if you are a developer, nor should you.

Instead, focus more on what Zynga did right with CityVille. I’m not saying that you should ripoff the game, but what I am saying is that you should try to focus more on what features Zynga offers over other developers in their games. That type of thinking will improve the quality of any game.

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