Play Chess via Facebook Messenger?

By David Cohen Comment


You can use Facebook Messenger to send messages, photos, videos or money, and even to secure a ride from Uber, but did you know you can also play chess on the application?

First detailed on Reddit in December, and never announced by Facebook, Messenger users can type @fbchess play during conversations to bring up a chess board.

The stealth chess game does not support drag-and-drop functionality, but BetaNews provided instructions, saying that players should select the piece they want to move as follows:

  • King: K
  • Queen: Q
  • Bishop: B
  • Knight: N
  • Rook: R
  • Pawn: P

They must then determine the square on the board that they choose to move the piece to, and enter the move similar to the following example: @fbchess Pd3.

According to Mashable, the game also features commands for offering a draw (@fbchess draw offer), undo (@fbchess undo) and resign (@fbchess resign).

Help is available by typing @fbchess help.

Readers: Shall we play a game?


Chess image courtesy of Shutterstock. Image of chess on Facebook Messenger courtesy of Mashable.