WARNING: Users Cannot Change The Colors Of Their Facebook Profiles

By David Cohen 

No matter how bored you may have become with Facebook’s blue color scheme, do not fall for messages and images that promise to turn your Facebook profile black, or other colors: A blue Facebook is still better than falling victim to a hijacked account or a survey scam.

Sophos’ Naked Security blog reported a rising number of Facebook messages, images, and event invitations promising users that they can change the color of their Facebook profiles, with one leading to a page titled, “Change Your Facebook Color,” and displaying the following (unedited) message:

Are you sick fo that boring old blue theme? Well now you have the power to change your facebook color to anything your heart desires.

The page then automatically clicks that unsuspecting users have accepted its terms and conditions, and directs users to online surveys, which earn money for the scammers, according to Naked Security. Users are told that they must complete the surveys before being allowed to turn their Facebook profiles black, or other colors. Or some versions hint that the limited number of users who will be able to change their profile colors is dwindling.

Naked Security pointed out that some of these scams are using the same pages from similar previous scams offering users the ability to remove their timelines, displaying a screen shot of a page purportedly copyrighted “Remove My Timeline.”

What should Facebook users do if they are duped into one of these scams? From Naked Security:

If you mistakenly clicked on links like the one above, remove offending messages, photos, and likes from your account, check that you have not authorized a rogue application to access your account (from where it could steal information or post without asking your permission), revoke any rogue app’s publishing rights, and report it as spam to Facebook.

Readers: Have you seen any similar messages, images, or event invitations on Facebook?

Screen grabs courtesy of Naked Security.