Which Instagram Photo Filters Are the Most Popular? (Study)

By David Cohen Comment


Clarendon is, by far, the most-used Instagram photo filter, both in the U.S. and worldwide, according to a new study by graphic-design program Canva.

Canva examined more than 1 million recent photos on Instagram, and its findings included:

  • Gingham, Juno and Lark were the second-most favorite photo filters in the most states, and they were joined by Valencia on the list of third-most-popular filters by state.
  • Worldwide, the second-most-popular filters in terms of number of countries were Juno, Valencia and Gingham, with Lark joining the list of third-most-popular filters by country.
  • Valencia was the most popular filter used in nature photos.
  • Kelvin was tops in average likes per Instagram post with the #fashion hashtag, at 162.
  • For posts with the #food hashtag, Skyline led with an average of 91 likes.
  • However, when it came to selfies, Normal (no filter) had the most average likes per post, at 78.

Readers: Which Instagram photo filters are your favorites?