Can Car Manufacturers Woo Young Buyers Through Facebook?

By Kimberlee Morrison 


Facebook is working hard to ramp up its ad business these days. The ads used to be relegated to the sidebar; now they’re native and in the newsfeed. While it was once hard to measure the effectiveness of a Facebook campaign, the social networking giant recently made a pivot toward offering objective based ads.

It doesn’t stop there. Facebook is also wooing car makers, with its ability to target consumers using data provided by users as well as that from a newly minted partnership with Datalogix. In all likelihood what car dealers are hoping is to get access to the younger generation of adults, more of whom are choosing not to buy cars at all.

Even if Facebook has data for targeting ads at specific user segments, previous efforts at using Facebook to target the social media generation have been dubious at best. Fact is, that car ownership is a luxury that many people simply can’t afford anymore. Younger consumers especially are genuinely concerned with their personal impact on the environment, and choosing to live in cities with access to public transportation.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if Facebook can target the younger generation. Ultimately, consumer habits are shifting and in many cases, younger people prefer the sharing economy to the cost of ownership.