Call Me Maybe Lip Dubs Are Taking Over YouTube, Here Are 10 Of The Best

By Megan O'Neill 

When it comes to YouTube lip dubs, no song is more popular right now than Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”.  The Canadian singer-songwriter catapulted to viral fame earlier this year after being signed to Justin Bieber’s manager’s record label and her hit song has been lip dubbed by everyone from Bieber himself to Katy Perry, college athletes, fraternities, pizza delivery guys and more.

After a few new “Call Me Maybe” lip dubs went viral over the weekend we decided to put together a list of some of the best “Call Me Maybe” lip dubs to date.  Apologies in advance for getting this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Donald Trump, Andy Cohen, Guiliana Rancic and Miss USA

Over the weekend the 2012 Miss USA Contestants, along with Donald Trump, Andy Cohen and Guiliana Rancic went viral with their Call Me Maybe lip dub.  Donald Trump comes in at 0:40.  The video has been featured on YouTube Trends, HuffPo, Buzzfeed, Viral Viral Videos and more.

STAPLES Center Team – “Call Me Maybe” Cover

Also going viral over the weekend was this Call Me Maybe lip dub from the STAPLES Center team.

Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover

The Harvard Baseball team got the ball rolling for college sports teams with their Call Me Maybe Cover on the road.  Their video has racked up over 11 million views since it hit YouTube at the beginning of May.

Texas State Call Me Maybe Harvard Baseball Parody/Bagel Dance

Texas State’s parody of the Harvard video has racked up over 1.1 million views.

SMU Women’s Rowing 2012 Call Me, Maybe Cover

SMU Women’s Rowing team also jumped on the traveling college athletes Call Me Maybe lip dub band wagon with this video, which has racked up nearly half a million views.  If you like the sports teams lib dubs you can watch a full playlist of them on YouTube.

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen – Feat. Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale & MORE!

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and other stars got the lib dub ball rolling back in February when this video hit YouTube.  It has been viewed over 41 million times!

Katy Perry and friends singing/dancing to “Call Me Maybe”

Here’s another star-studded lib dub.  In this video, which has racked up over 1.4 million times, Katy Perry and friends sing and dance to Call Me Maybe by the pool.

Call papa johns, maybe?

Back in April a group of girls ordered a pizza and invited the delivery guy to join them to shoot this Call Me Maybe video.

Call Me Maybe – Ramapo Kappa Sigma

The Kappa Sigma fraternity at Ramapo College of New Jersey put together this bro-tastic Call Me Maybe lip dub back in April.

POPDUST SUPERCUT: Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

If you’ve still got a hankering for more Call Me Maybe lip dubs, Popdust has put together this ultimate supercut.  Enjoy!

BONUS: Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

And finally, we bring you this bonus video, which is going viral this morning.  It’s Barack Obama singing “Call Me Maybe”, care of YouTuber Baracks Dubs!

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.