Buy And Sell Shares In Your Friends and Family in Empire Avenue for Facebook

By Neil Glassman Comment

The typical Facebook user is probably not into social media analytics. Talk about social games and now you’ve got a huge audience.

Today, Empire Avenue — the social influence stock market — officially launches its Facebook application, making it easier to buy and sell shares in your friends, family, celebrities, brands – anyone – and know your personal share price based on the engagement, reach and activity of your social media accounts.

Empire Avenue’s Facebook application has some Facebook-oriented features not yet available on the website version. “Stats Advisors” provide charts and graphs with details on statistics such as your most popular posts and changes in friend/follower numbers. The more Facebook friends you invite to Empire Avenue, the more access you have.

“Empire Avenue uses social and virtual currency to help develop value-based relationships between real people,” Empire Avenue CEO Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana told Social Times. “One can spend a great deal of time thinking about who to friend on Facebook. Using Empire Avenue’s virtual currency to buy shares in interesting people, our engaging, informative game is an ‘avenue’ to make new friends and build personal social networks.”

Luxury items are now available in the “shop.” Purchased with eaves, the Empire Avenue virtual currency, owning luxury items can increase your net worth. Interest area indexes provide day-to-day competition against friends and strangers. Not surprisingly, there’s also a “hot or not” game using pairs of Facebook friends.

Overall, the Facebook application is more game oriented. Compared to the website version, it also has a more streamlined interface, better recommendations and improved social search.

I must confess to visiting Empire Avenue infrequently since first posting about it last August. Now that the game is on Facebook, will I spend more time on the game and bring along some friends? The folks at Empire Avenue have built their Facebook application banking on just that.

Neil Glassman is principal marketing strategist at WhizBangPowWow, with a track record of success across linear, digital and social media. Join his conversation on Twitter or email Neil to talk about marketing or swap recipes.