Report: Facebook Still A Distant Third Behind LinkedIn, Twitter In Terms Of Job Postings

By David Cohen 

Despite the strides Facebook has made on both sides of the job-search front, the social network remains a distant third when it comes to job postings, well behind LinkedIn and Twitter, according to the latest data from software-as-a-service social recruiting solution Bullhorn Reach.

According to Bullhorn Reach, only 25 percent of jobs that were posted to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook were posted on Facebook, compared with 77 percent on LinkedIn and 54 percent on Twitter.

Those figures do not total 100 percent because Bullhorn Reach also found that 21 percent of jobs are posted to all three of the social networks mentioned above, while 55 percent are posted to two or more social networks at a time, and 24 percent are posted to only one.

Surprisingly, Bullhorn Reach found that 21 percent of jobs are not posted to social media sites at all.

Bullhorn Reach also broke down the top 10 industries in terms of jobs posted to each social network, and it found that Facebook is clearly the choice of the food service and catering sector, as it came in at No. 2 on the Facebook list while not even appearing in the top 10 for LinkedIn or Twitter.

Nonprofits also heavily favored Facebook, as that category placed third, compared with 10th on LinkedIn and eighth on Twitter.

Bullhorn Reach said it compiled its statistics using data from its network of more than 77,500 recruiters.

Bullhorn Reach parent Bullhorn President and Chief Executive Officer Art Papas said:

While LinkedIn continues to hold its position as the most widely used social network for recruiting, the fact that a majority of jobs are posted to at least two channels reinforces the notion that social networking should never be overlooked in any candidate’s job search. We designed these reports to be a resource for recruiters and job seekers alike so that they can determine the best ways to find talent and jobs based on their industries and geographies.

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