Facebook Bug Allows Posts By Blocked Users To Escape Deletion

By David Cohen 

Call the exterminator: Another Facebook bug was discovered, this one involving users of the social network not being able to delete posts on their walls by other users whom they have blocked.

Mathias Olofsson, a project manager at In2Media in Copenhagen, Denmark, alerted Mashable about this particular Facebook oddity.

The basics: Once a Facebook user blocks another Facebook user, he or she cannot see content posted by the blocked user, including content posted on the wall of the user who did the blocking. A user cannot delete what a user cannot see. The content is invisible to both the user who did the blocking and the user who was blocked, but visible by anyone else who can see the blocking user’s wall.

Emily Price of Mashable tested the process with the blog’s business editor, Todd Wasserman, posting a cat photo on Wasserman’s wall, and then blocking him. After the block, neither Price nor Wasserman could see the image, but a friend of Wasserman could.

The window for exploiting this bug is a narrow one, as a user would have to post something offensive on the wall of another user just prior to getting blocked, with the “victim” not seeing the post before executing the block.

Facebook told Mashable it was investigating the issue.

Readers: Do you think this bug is a minor problem or a major issue?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.