Buffer Beefs Up Facebook Analytics

By David Cohen 

Social sharing application Buffer announced the ability for users to track likes, shares, comments, clicks, and reach.

Buffer users will have access to all of those analytics in the history section of their profiles.

Buffer also added similar analytics features for Twitter (clicks, retweets, mentions, reach, and favorites) and LinkedIn (comments, likes, clicks, potential, and reshares).

The app said in a blog post introducing the new features:

Our key goal with Buffer is not to build every feature in the world that has anything to do with sharing, but really to only focus on the few core aspects where we can execute well on.

We thought: An amazing analytics feature must be part of this. When we share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, we found that there is the following loop going on: It starts with finding the best content on the Web that you want to post for your friends, fans, and followers. That’s why we built the browser extensions and lots of app integrations. Right there, when you find it, there needs to be a convenient way for you to share that particular piece of content. That’s why we have the Buffer queue.

Now the missing link is, of course, to understand whether your finding of content and sharing it actually has any impact. We thought that clearly, the answer is to have an amazing insight into analytics on what is going on. Being able to easily glance through and seeing how well your tweets, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn posts have performed is key we found.

Seeing a concise analytics view of all the different social media platforms you are posting to is something that is very important, we thought. Even if not for every day for some, if you want to look back in a few weeks and find out how your updates have increased or decreased engagement, we want to make it super easy. All of your data will always be available for you in the analytics tab and up to date whenever you click it.