Brand Networks Announces Fourth Facebook PMD Badge, Launches Insights Dashboard

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Brand Networks announced Thursday the launch of bn.insights, the company’s comprehensive insights dashboard. Additionally, Brand Networks celebrated becoming the second company (Adobe being the first) to earn all four Facebook PMD badges — pages, ads, applications, insights.

Brand Networks CEO Jamie Tedford spoke with AllFacebook about the honor of earning all four Facebook PMD badges:

We’re really excited about it. It’s been something that we’ve been working on really for the past six months — just fine-tuning our insights capability and ultimately our platform that we call bn.insights. For us, it was really about completing the picture for our clients. Insights have been something that our clients have typically either relied upon in native Facebook reporting and insights, or relied upon a fairly manual process of us pulling reports and presenting them on an ad hoc basis. So this is really the next phase for us.

The company’s newest product, bn.insights, is a centralized social dashboard that measures social intelligence and analytics. Brand Networks’ entrance into the insights market is designed specifically for large brands that need to take hands-on approaches to their social presence, both on a national and hyperlocal scale.

The bn.insights program includes analysis across the social graph, delivering data from pages, publishing, ads, and audience data. It also has actionable insights to help marketers succeed through algorithmic recommendations. The program includes converged analysis, which examines data across paid, earned, and owned performance to optimize strategy while managing reporting, publishing, and amplification workflows. The new program can also track and demonstrate social return on investment.