Brand Advocacy On Facebook Goes Mobile With Dynamic Signal’s VoiceStorm IOS App

By David Cohen 

DynamicSignalVoiceStormiOS650Employees can be valuable brand advocates, and marketing solution Dynamic Signal released a new tool earlier this week to help move that process along, rolling out its VoiceStorm employee advocacy platform as an iOS application.

The VoiceStorm iOS app allows employees to easily discover, create, and share content including company news, videos, blog posts, and offers to social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and they can be alerted about new content via push notifications.

Employees using VoiceStorm can be rewarded for their social media advocacy efforts, and the platform supports points and leaderboards and allows administrators to measure employees’ performance in terms of earned media value by content, type, or social channel.

Dynamic Signal Chief Technology Officer Steve Heyman said in a release announcing the iOS app:

Mobile devices are increasingly being used to connect to social media, and our approach to empowering employees to becoming advocates for their businesses and brands was to allow them to be advocates anywhere. The VoiceStorm mobile app empowers employees to easily create or share content while standing in line for coffee.

Readers: Would you ever become brand advocates for your companies?