Booshaka Debuts Updates To Facebook Marketing Platform, Raises $1M

By David Cohen 

Facebook marketing platform Booshaka announced Wednesday that it has raised $1 million in series-A financing and released major updates to its offerings.

Booshaka said the Top Fans leaderboard application it launched last year focused on the top 10 percent of contributors to brands’ communities, and the updates it rolled out Wednesday help page administrators gain insights into the activity of the other 90 percent. New features include:

  • A leaderboard that allows fans to earn points based on social activities including posts, comments, likes, and tweets, based on a scoring system that rewards quality over quantity.
  • An activity box, which helps page administrators assign pre-defined tasks to their most active fans.
  • An activity feed, which helps page administrators recognize their tops fans and reward them for their social actions.
  • Speaking of rewards, a rewards system that offers top community contributors virtual goods and badges, perks, experiences, swag, and discounts.
  • Insight and analytics from the more than 300 million Facebook users across more than 5 million pages tracked by Booshaka, including influencer identification and segmentation, fan affinities and shared interests, EdgeRank and news feed optimization, keyword trending, content trending, category benchmarking, and competitor analysis.

Investors in the financing round included SV Angel, PivotNorth Capital, Founders Fund Angel, Joe Lonsdale, Peter Weck, and Rich Skrenta. And Booshaka clients include Hard Rock, the Carolina Panthers, the St. Louis Rams, the Golden State Warriors, popchips, and Zest.