Blueye Launches Loyalty Hub, Enabling Marketers To Identify, Segment Most Valuable Facebook Fans

By David Cohen 

Social commerce provider Blueye launched engagement platform Loyalty Hub, aimed at aiding brands in creating, managing, and monetizing multistage loyalty programs.

Loyalty Hub allows users to identify their brands’ most valuable customers and analyze their behavior, and it is based on what Preferred Marketing Developer Blueye calls its three pillars of customer loyalty:

  • Customer engagement: A suite of customizable applications allows marketers to create personalized engagement opportunities with fans and collect data.
  • Customer behavior: Analytics and customer insights data enable brands and agencies to segment and create target audience groups.
  • Conversion: Loyalty Hub aids brands in launching and optimizing marketing campaigns to drive the highest conversion rates among the most relevant audience via Facebook ads and sponsored stories, offering the ability to integrate customer-relationship management, enterprise resource planning, email, and point of sale.

Blueye Managing Partner Shannon Smith said:

We believe that these three pillars of loyalty are critical to take action on, and that brands need partners that can help streamline the process and monetize engagement through the customer lifecycle. It has been challenging for brands to create and scale multichannel experiences and actually measure results. By launching Loyalty Hub, we wanted to help brands eliminate the complexities of operating in silos and make better-informed marketing decisions that directly impact sales.