Bing Wants You To Ask Your Facebook Friends, Too

By Justin Lafferty 

Using Bing to find the best sushi place in town? Now you can integrate your friends into the search. Bing announced Monday that it is enhancing its Facebook ties, allowing users to tag friends in searches and post queries instantly to their timeline.

Bing figured that if you’ve got questions, why not tap into the power of your Facebook friends? Using the Social Sidebar, searchers can gain input from those they know.

Bing announced this news on its blog:

Have a friend who’s a travel guru and can help you plan a summer vacation? A foodie who can lend some suggestions for your next backyard barbecue? Or maybe you’re searching for great hiking trails and want your friends to tag along.

When searching on Bing, simply enter a question or comment in the sidebar and type the name of a friend on Facebook to tag him or her (you can tag up to five friends at a time).

With your permission, the question will post on your Facebook timeline, and your tagged friends will be notified so that they can pitch in and help you find what you’re looking for. Remember: You are always in control of what you share through the sidebar.

This allows you to get the best of both worlds: search results, as well as input from friends, all in one place. When you type in a query on Bing, you’re given the option of posting it on your Facebook timeline (or not).

This is the latest in the series of Facebook-Bing integrations. Bing also provides maps for Facebook events,as well as translations of Facebook status updates and comments. And the two companies are working together on Facebook’s search bar.

Readers: Do you think having the ability to tag friends in Bing searches is useful?