Facebook Abuzz After Ex-President Bill Clinton’s Nomination Speech At DNC

By David Cohen 

President Barack Obama may be the focus of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this week, but it was ex-President Bill Clinton who stole the show with his rousing nomination speech Wednesday night, not only propelling him to the top of the list of political mentions on Facebook for the day, but even topping the National Football League’s season opener, in which the Dallas Cowboys knocked off the defending Super Bowl champions and host New York Giants.

According to Facebook-CNN Election Insights, the top five political terms mentioned on the social network Wednesday were:

  1. Bill Clinton/Clinton
  2. Obama
  3. Romney
  4. Michelle Obama
  5. Elizabeth Warren


Facebook-CNN Election Insights also mentioned that Clinton’s percentage increase above his baseline buzz was 9,800 percent, adding that one of the keywords of his speech, “arithmetic,” skyrocketed by 41,210 percent during the event.

Despite the popularity of the NFL and the marquee opening-night match-up, CNN Politics reported on its Political Ticker blog that Clinton was mentioned more on Facebook Wednesday night than the terms “Cowboys,” “Giants,” “football,” and “Romo,” for Tony Romo, the Cowboys’ starting quarterback.

Readers: Are you surprised that Clinton’s speech generated so much buzz?