Ben & Jerry’s Asks If You ‘Wanna Spoon’ With Facebook Friends

By Justin Lafferty 

There are numerous applications that try to connect Facebook users through similar interests. None probably tastes as good as Ben & Jerry’s Wanna Spoon? The new app scours users’ friends’ profiles, looking for anything they might have in common — favorite bands, favorite foods, or even relatives with the same name — and connects them. Users are then given a coupon to try Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt.

By accessing the app, Ben & Jerry’s will offer you some options to connect over mutual interests:

When a user selects a friend chosen by Wanna Spoon, the app will then post a message on the friend’s page, with this message: “Using a fancy algorithm, Ben & Jerry’s decided we’d make great spooning partners.” The message will include a coupon for the company’s Greek Frozen Yogurt, encouraging the two users to share the goodies. According to Mashable, the app was created by ad agency Amalgamated and production partner Tool of North America.

If you’d rather pick a friend yourself (or are too scared to post an awkward message from an app called Wanna Spoon), then you can do that, as well.

Readers: What is your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?