Boosting The Image Of Beef Through Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

A ranching executive recently presented an innovative plan to promote the benefits of beef: social media.

As reported in the Twin Falls, Idaho-based Times-News, at the Idaho Cattle Association Summer Round-Up, Rick Stott — Agri Beef‘s executive vice president of business development — encouraged ranchers to talk up beef on Facebook and other forms of social media. Stott noted that dinners in America have moved far beyond meat and potatoes, so the beef industry should be able to adapt to a new market.

In Stott’s speech, he urged ranchers to give their product a special brand, similar to what Safeway did with its Rancher’s Reserve line of meat:

We need to be engaged with social media … Today, the world isn’t friendly to our product like it was in the 1950s. Not every dinner today is steak and potatoes.

Stott feels that ranchers and other beef executives should speak positively about the meat on Facebook, pointing out the nutritional benefits of beef and how ranchers care for their animals.

Readers: What have been some of the more memorable Facebook marketing campaigns you’ve seen?

Steak image courtesy of Shutterstock.