Independent Horror Movie To Be Released Via Facebook Game?

By David Cohen 

There are movies, and there are Facebook games, and there are even Facebook games based on movies. And now, thanks to Cardiff, U.K.-based filmmaker Mr Dog Films, there may be a feature horror film distributed via a Facebook game.

Banshee is an independent horror film in which “two paramedics on the night shift hear the call of the banshee and a simple rescue operation turns into a battle for survival,” and Mr Dog Films and Wales-based casual game developer Rogue Vector are teaming up to develop Facebook game Mystery of the Banshee, with the hopes of making Banshee “the first feature film to be released through a Facebook game.”

Mr Dog Films added on the frequently asked questions page of the Banshee site:

We’ve discovered a new way of distributing feature films.

Independent films struggle with distribution, and see little to no returns. The Internet was seen as a way for independent filmmakers to break free of the traditional model, but piracy and a saturated market has brought little success.

Games have established ways of being successful online, such as the “freemium” model. We want to use it to overcome the challenges of online film distribution by becoming the first feature film to be released through a Facebook game.

The film studio added that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign June 8 in order to raise money to develop the game, which it intends to release in October. Mr Dog Films then plans to start production of the film in early 2014, for release in the summer of that year.

Readers: Do you think this will work?