Banjo Rolls Out Major Update

By Cameron Scott 

banjo, ios apps, social discovery apps, mobile apps, social networksThe location-based social app Banjo launched version 3.0 today, rolling out new features including a Facebook-like news feed, access to second-degree social connections and a list of places where connections are currently active.

Banjo also announced it had 3 million users. It launched in the summer 2011 and broke out at South by Southwest in 2012.

Banjo pools shared information from several social networks — including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare — and sorts it by location. That feature allows users to opt in to public content shared from a a particular location. The location service also provides push alerts when a friend from any of their social networks is near their current location and allows users to post to all of their social networks at once.

The new home page includes a global feed of updates friends have shared on other social networks and Personalized Places, the destinations Banjo suggests based on where a user’s friends and connections are in the world at the time.

According to Banjo, “the best part of the app is the speed with which you can now navigate around the locations that matter most to you.”

The update is available for iOS and Android.