Money-Transfer Service Azimo Integrates With Facebook

By David Cohen 

U.K.-based money-transfer service Azimo announced an integration with Facebook whereby its users can connect their profiles on both entities and send money directly via the social network.

Azimo described how its Facebook integration works:

By signing into Azimo with Facebook, you have connected your Azimo and Facebook profiles.

Your Azimo login and any transactions you make are secure using the security of your Facebook login, and you don’t require a separate password for Azimo.

If you wish, you can set a separate password for Azimo by clicking “change password” on your “my account” page.

What you can do when you’re connected with Facebook:

  • Select Facebook friends to send money to.
  • Invite Facebook friends to enter their preferred payment details so that you can send them money the way that best suits them.
  • Tell your recipient you have sent them money using Facebook.

How Azimo protects your privacy:

  • Azimo will not post to your wall or send messages or notifications without your explicit permission.
  • Azimo will not contact your Facebook friends without your permission.

Readers: Do you feel comfortable sending money via Facebook?