Are You Interested Parent Snap Interactive Is Very Interested In Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

By David Cohen 

Facebook dating application Are You Interested was stung by Cupid’s arrow and began what it hopes will be a long, healthy relationship with the social network’s mobile app install ads, as AYI parent Snap Interactive credited the ad product from Facebook with helping to propel huge growth for its app in May.

Snap Interactive said downloads on both the iOS and Android platforms skyrocketed more than 200 percent in May compared with April, with new subscriber counts rising 91 percent on iOS and 147 percent on Android during the same time period.

AYI recently underwent an iOS facelift, and its Android app debuted in April, and Snap said those developments enabled it to capitalize on Facebook’s mobile app install ads to drive installations and monetize users.

The company added that future AYI developments will include the ability to display mutual friends in users’ profiles, allowing users to browse friends of friends on their mobile devices, and push notifications for key events on its Android app.

Snap Interactive CEO Clifford Lerner said:

Having a native experience on iOS and Android, in addition to having a large number of Facebook app users, gives us new opportunities to acquire and re-engage mobile users by leveraging Facebook’s mobile app install ads. Facebook has such a large scale of mobile users throughout the world that when you combine the scale with the robust targeting abilities of Facebook’s product, we see many opportunities to grow our mobile offerings with a positive return on investment.

Facebook’s mobile app install ads enable us to target users on very granular levels including by age, gender, location, and even a user’s specific interests. These targeted ads appear in a user’s News Feed on their mobile device. When an ad is clicked, a user is taken directly to the application download page in the iTunes app store or Google Play store, which allows for easy installation of our application.

We are not aware of any other product on the market that allows us to acquire the specific demographic of dating users on mobile devices, while also providing the level of granular targeting that Facebook mobile app install ads provide. Our native mobile apps are also deeply integrated with Facebook, opening up many opportunities for us to acquire and engage with users through organic social channels, in addition to mobile app install ads.

Readers: Have you ever used AYI or any other Facebook dating apps?