AppsFlyer For Agencies Debuts

By David Cohen 

AppsFlyerLogo2014650Ad agencies are the focus of the latest offering from AppsFlyer, a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, as it launched its AppsFlyer for Agencies solution Thursday.

AppsFlyer for Agencies is aimed at enabling ad agencies to optimize their clients’ campaigns based on metrics including return on investment, and it allows agencies to manage and measure their campaigns. Features include:

  • Access to more than 450 sources of traffic.
  • Accurate monitoring and measuring of ROI, lifetime value (LTV), and payback period.
  • Discovery of the most profitable channels for each campaign, and the ability to adjust budgets based on real-time results.
  • The ability to manage the entire mobile customer-acquisition process through multiple channels, including social, ad networks, search, discovery platforms, and organic.
  • Research to support strategic planners, such as AppsFlyer’s Mobile App Discovery Report.

CEO Oren Kaniel said in a release announcing AppsFlyer for Agencies:

AppsFlyer simplifies mobile marketing for agencies, freeing them from complex integrations and multiple SDK (software development kit) updates. We allow them to focus on their growth targets with the best tools designed especially for the mobile environment.