Facebook Getting an Application Settings Upgrade

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Active Facebook developers are aware of the relatively long application settings page for new and existing applications. According to Brent Goldman, that page will soon be history. Goldman writes that Facebook has “redesigned the application settings editor to help you create and configure your applications much more easily. We’re launching it soon, and you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the old and new editors for a period of time, much like how users could switch between the old and new profiles earlier this year.”

While it isn’t a significant shift, it’s nice to see that Facebook is paying attention to the little things when it comes to improving their platform. While there may be a long list of things that should be added to the platform, the small things can often times makes a huge difference. There are also some new features that will be added to the application settings editor.

There will now be the ability to toggle between a live mode and what is now being renamed “sandbox mode”. These settings will also now be displayed within a tabbed interface. I wonder if group and page settings will soon follow with this new design style. There will also be new features added shortly including “Feed, the data store API, and translations”.

What does this mean for the average user? Absolutely nothing! Everything will remain as is. This is a simple change for application developers.

-Application Settings Page Screenshot-