What Are Facebook App User IDs?

By David Cohen 

Facebook offered more details on a targeting field for custom audiences that it introduced at its Facebook Mobile DevCon 2013 in London earlier this month: app user ID, which was included in its latest software-development kits.

Here is more information on the app user ID field from a post on the social network’s developer blog:

Custom audiences let developers and marketers find their existing customers on Facebook. Using information you know about your customers, you can reach the right people on Facebook that you want to connect with. The process behind custom audiences protects people’s personal information; learn more here.

In addition to leveraging current customers’ hashed email, phone number, and Facebook user IDs for custom audiences, you can now also reach groups of people who have taken actions in your application (such as installs or purchases) with relevant ads across both desktop and mobile. With app user IDs, for example, a retail app can reach people who have made a purchase in their app with additional items they may be interested in. Or a game developer can target groups of people who installed one of their games with another game that they are likely to play.

Go to our tutorial to learn how to define an app user ID. Then, use Power Editor, one of our ads tools, to input your list of encrypted IDs, and reach people with ads on Facebook.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.