Facebook App Subscription Payment Model Now Available To All Developers

By David Cohen 

The test of a subscription payment model for applications with developers Zynga, Kixeye, and Playdom that Facebook launched in June is over, and the social network has extended the capability to all developers.

Facebook said in a post on its developer blog that subscription billing will allow developers to establish recurring revenue streams for their apps, as well as offer users updated content and premium features.

Developers can set prices based on local currency and offer different subscriptions levels, as well as offer free trials and determine how long those free trials will last.

On the user side, payment can be made via credit card or PayPal, and subscriptions can be canceled via Facebook’s payments settings, although the social network recommends that developers include an option to do so within their apps.

Facebook offered more suggestions for developers in the blog post:

If you’re offering both subscriptions and in-app payments, make sure it’s clear to users why you have both. For example, you might offer a monthly subscription for energy or supplies and sell vanity items through in-app purchases.

As we announced this week, we launched a new payments reporting application-programming interface so you can download daily reports of transaction data. You will need to use the API to download your subscriptions data, such as purchases and refunds. Learn more about how to integrate the new API and interpret reports in our documentation.

Readers: What types of features would you like to see developers offer to users who pay for their apps on a subscription basis?

Subscribe button image courtesy of Shutterstock.