Gets Its Own Video-Sharing App, Climber

By Cameron Scott 

video sharing, twitter,, vine, viddy, climbr, social networks, social mediaAt the fight to be the dominant video-sharing app, Twitter weighed in heavy with Vine, but signaled its intention to keep fighting today with the app Climber, designed for its subscription-based social network.

Developers Rob Brambley and Derek Shockey began building the app, Climber, at an hackathon earlier this month in San Francisco.

The app supports multi-take videos up to 11 seconds long, midway between Vine’s 6-second and Viddy’s 15-second caps. Users can preview videos before posting them to’s Twitter competitor, Alpha.

The videos save using’s file-storage API but can be seen on

“Although the major social services are all free, people are growing wary of their how their content is used by the companies in charge. This is why we chose to not keep any of the video content that Climber produces … If a user chooses to delete their post, or even just delete the video file in their file storage, then it can no longer be viewed on our website,” Brambley wrote on his blog.

Climber is available for iOS only.