Friday Morning Laughs – Astronaut Makes Angry Birds Space Announcement…From Space

By Megan O'Neill 

TGIF!  The weekend is almost here and we’ve put together a collection of funny videos to help you get through the final day of the workweek with a smile on your face.  This week’s Friday Morning Laughs includes an awesome Angry Birds announcement from zero gravity, a demo of the magical features of the New iPad, a hungry squirrel, an awesome viral razor commercial and more.  So grab a cup o’ joe, sit back and prepare to laugh.

Angry Birds Space: NASA announcement

NASA and Angry Birds bring you the first ever game announcement and gameplay footage from space!  Astronaut Don Pettit announces Angry Birds Space (coming March 22) from the International Space Station! – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Everyone has been talking about this awesome Dollar Shave Club video this week.  It’s racked up over 1.8 million views in just a few days.

Pen Head

And here’s my personal favorite video of the week.  This kid is awesome (and so pleased with himself at the end!).  Watch this.

The new iPad: Exclusive Review on magical features

On March 1, magician Simon Pierro uploaded this video giving a sneak peak at some of the “magical features” of the new iPad.  It’s been viewed over 1 million times so far.

Sick of Roommates stealing my food

As a man complains about his roommates stealing his food, something unexpected happens in the background.

BONUS: Fresh Guacamole – PES

Finally, this week stop motion extraordinaire Adam Pesapane aka PES released a fantastic follow up to ‘Western Spaghetti’, his stop motion masterpiece from 2008 in which he made a plate of spaghetti using household items.  This time he’s making guacamole.  Hungry?

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