Android Users Can Look Actors Up Without Leaving Movies

By Cameron Scott 

Google knows that you look up actors’ names and previous roles after — and while — you watch movies. Now if you have an Android tablet, you don’t have to conduct a separate search.

The company has begun delivering its Knowledge Graph cards on actors if the user simply pauses the frame when the actor is on screen. The cards are what users see to the right in Google Search. For actors, they generally include a date and place of birth and previous roles.

The Internet Movie Database slaying feature also recognizes and identifies music from movie soundtracks.

“You can easily learn more about the actors, related films and even what song is playing in many of your favorite movies,” wrote product manager Ben Serridge on a company blog.

Users can continue on to a more detailed search, or resume the move to clear the informational cards.

Google taps its facial and sound-recognition databases and its 700-million entry Knowledge Graph to power the functionality. Roughly 100 movies are currently supported, but Google said it continues to launch it in more.

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