Facebook Android Update Includes Ability For Home Users To Dock Their Favorite Apps

By David Cohen 

Facebook released an update to its Android application Thursday, and the biggest change is a new feature for its Home Android overlay — a new favorites tray that will allow users to store and access shortcuts to their favorite Android apps.

The docking feature is aimed at addressing one of users’ biggest issues with home — complaints that it was difficult to access their non-Facebook Android apps. Facebook added that it is working on folders and support for widgets in future updates to its Android app.

Other new features in this release include:

  • The ability to change who can see content users have shared.
  • Multiple photos can be sent in a single message by tapping the plus sign.
  • Improvements to the app’s memory and stability.

Readers: Do you think the addition of a favorites tray to Home will favorably affect users’ opinions on it?