Public Policy Manager Andrew Noyes Leaves Facebook For Uber

By Justin Lafferty 

Andrew Noyes, Facebook’s public policy manager, announced Wednesday that he is leaving the company to manage communications for private driving service startup Uber.

Noyes, who has been at Facebook’s Washington, D.C., office since 2009, shared the news on his blog:

When I interviewed for my job at Facebook in the summer of 2009, my soon-to-be-boss promised the experience of a lifetime. He said working here would be hard, but it would be rewarding. He said the communications and public policy projects I would work on would be meaningful, and my coworkers would be among the most talented and passionate in the industry. He also assured me I would never be bored.

Looking back on almost four years, I can say with complete confidence that he was right. This job has delivered on all of those promises, and the time I’ve spent at Facebook has been nothing short of spectacular. But there are other awesomely disruptive companies out there that are assembling their core teams of PR and policy ninjas — and it’s time for me to embark upon a new experience of a lifetime.

As The Next Web notes, Noyes isn’t taking an easy job. Uber has faced regulatory challenges in many states, although California and New York City are trying to make it possible for Uber to operate.

With Facebook, Noyes worked to inform the public about what the company was doing with regard to security and free speech.