Gauging Brands’ Engagement On Facebook During The Games

By Justin Lafferty 

Nike wasn’t the only winner among brands on Facebook at the Olympic Games. New statistics from AlchemySocial, an Experian company,¬†show that BP and Samsung were also pretty popular on the social network in that time frame.

A post Aug. 8 congratulating U.S. hurdler Lolo Jones from BP’s Team USA page got the most likes and comments of any Olympic-related Facebook post, AlchemySocial discovered. The post, which includes a posed photo of Jones, gained more than 93,000 likes, 2,000 comments, and 1,300 shares. The next most popular post came from Samsung Mobile, and the third most popular from Procter & Gamble’s Thank You, Mom campaign:

Want to see the full detailed report from AlchemySocial? Click here to find out how all of the Olympics sponsors performed on Facebook.

AlchemySocial’s head of insight, Dan Gilbert, discussed how much of the brand analysis done during the Olympics was focused on Twitter. He felt that brands needed some way to keep track of how successful their Facebook campaigns were, as well. AlchemySocial scanned pages of Olympic sponsors to find out who facilitated the most engagement. He discussed the findings with AllFacebook in an email:

The level of engagement with brands’ fan pages pales when compared to that of the biggest Olympic athletes on Facebook — (Michael) Phelps, (Usain) Bolt, (Tom) Daley, and (Jessica) Ennis — all able to get 200,000 or more likes on their posts following medal victories. For these brands, most of who are also sponsors of the upcoming Paralympics, while there is no single formula that works across all of them — the posts that appear to generate the most interaction are those that feature and congratulate athletes themselves (the more popular the athlete/brand ambassador the better, and shock medal wins always help!), or those that explicitly ask fans to like or give them a reason to engage with content. Simply mentioning the Olympics is no guarantee of getting a response from fans.

Readers: Which brands do you feel were the best at engagement during the Olympic Games?