4 Airlines That Are Using Viral Video To Advertise

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Cebu Pacific Airlines made headlines when a video of their flight attendants dancing got millions of YouTube views. Cebu Pacific’s flight attendants aren’t the only ones dancing their way into the world of viral videos. In recent weeks, JetBlue, Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic all launched viral video campaigns as well, hoping for high-flying viral action of their own. Will these airlines be as successful as Cebu Pacific? You be the judge.

Cebu Pacific Airlines

For those of you who haven’t seen the Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants video yet, check it out below. The video, which features the flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga while demonstrating the safety features of the plane, has been viewed nearly 9 million times since it was uploaded on September 30. Talk about a successful campaign!


Last Friday, JetBlue took over the YouTube homepage with a number of videos from their new online campaign. The videos are brilliant, in my humble opinion. They feature candid camera situations featuring people on the ground being treated in absolutely ridiculous ways, which parallel the ridiculous things that people deal with on airplanes. For instance, a cab driver moves his seat all the way back to minimize the passengers’ legroom and charges an extra $25 for “checked” luggage that he puts in the trunk. The motto of the campaign is, “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.” Check out a couple of the videos from the campaign below, or watch them all on the JetBlue YouTube channel.

Air New Zealand

I’m not exactly sure what Air New Zealand is doing with the web video campaign they launched earlier this month. It stars a suggestive furry muppet (which I think is a squirrel). The squirrel loves New Zealand’s “river, her mountain’s, her animal, and her bush. It’s amazing.”

New Zealand’s bush may be amazing, but I’m not so sure about this video campaign. I’m not so sure I would want to fly Air New Zealand after seeing these videos, for fear I might have to hear a weird squirrel talk about his experience “beating off the track” for the whole flight, telling me I can “lick the crack”, and telling me how to use the fancy entertainment screen in a totally creepy sexual way. Eew.

Check out the two videos below and then prepare yourself, because according to the Air New Zealand YouTube channel there are three new videos from the series being released on October 20.

Virgin Atlantic

Watch out Cebu Pacific – Virgin Atlantic’s flight attendants can dance too. They can also fly through the air, strut their stuff down the aisle, pole dance on forks and just be totally sexy in general. This minute-and-a-half-long Virgin Atlantic music video, featuring MUSE’s “Feeling Good” was created for a global TV campaign, but has made its way to the web as well. However, despite the face that Virgin Atlantic obviously spent a ton of money on production it still comes nowhere close the nearly 9 million views that Cebu Pacific has gotten. And the Cebu Pacific video could have been shot on a cell phone. What do you think about that?