AgoraPulse’s Barometer Gives Facebook Pages A Measuring Stick

By Justin Lafferty 

There are several ways to track Facebook pages’ performance, but AgoraPulse is working on a way for page administrators to compare their stats to those of similar pages. The company recently launched Barometer, allowing those who manage Facebook pages to see their rates of engagement and reach, as well as how they stack up against pages of similar size.

AgoraPulse, which tracks page and post performance for brands such as PlayStation and McDonald’s, now offers Barometer for page managers who understand that their pages have certain averages for reach or engagement, but who want to figure out if that’s good or not.

AgoraPulse Founder and CEO Emeric Ernoult said he got the idea for Barometer during the ongoing debate about Facebook pages’ reach.

Ernoult talked about his company’s newest product with AllFacebook:

A uniform and absolutely generic expectation from Facebook page owners is, “OK, I’m reaching X percent of my fans — is that good or not? How am I doing?” You can ask any page owner. They don’t have a clue if what they’re doing is a good job or not a good job. They don’t have a clue of if they’re below or above average, if they’re superstars or super donkey — they don’t know. I want to add a way to benchmark every KPI (key performance indicator). If you’re seeing that your viral exposure is X percent, I want to show them that X percent is good because it’s better than the average page out there the same size as yours.

Ernoult said that as more and more pages link to Barometer, AgoraPulse will be able to add more dimensions to the product. Barometer uses the color coding system familiar to other AgoraPulse products, making it easy to read.

Readers: How do you keep track of your page metrics?