Adobe Continues To Tout Facebook Exchange

By David Cohen 

Adobe continues to report strong performances for ad campaigns using real-time bidding platform Facebook Exchange via its Adobe Media Optimizer, saying that FBX ads are far outperforming search campaigns in terms of driving registrations on the sites of advertising brands.

The company said in a post on its Digital Marketing Blog that its main findings on the topic were:

  • The average cost per site registration for the customer was approximately 50 percent lower for registrations driven by FBX ads versus those driven by their search campaigns overall.
  • Ad spend and overall conversion volume for the customer’s FBX retargeting campaign was about one-tenth the size of search ad spend from the same period.
  • Only the advertiser’s brand terms did not compare favorably for FBX ads, as the cost per registration was more than115 percent higher on FBX versus via brand search terms.

Senior Product Marketing Manager for Advertising Solutions Pete Kluge wrote in the blog post:

We were also interested in seeing whether FBX ads influenced or assisted the customer’s search campaign. We looked at the last five ad events in the attribution click path leading to a registration for the customer. For instances where an FBX ad click and search ad click were present in the click path, an FBX ad click was the last event 63 percent of the time, and a search ad click was the last event 19 percent of the time (for 18 percent of the time, it was neither, and a different ad type).

Early data indicate that the FBX ads are more likely to be assisted by search ads in driving a conversion than the reverse when both are in the attribution click path. A user more commonly clicked a search ad and later converted (or registered) after clicking a FBX ad (63 percent of the time) than a user that clicked a FBX ad and later searched and registered (19 percent of the time). These data indicate that FBX ads may be an ideal way to drive incremental conversions for search. In the case of our customer, if a user clicks one of its search ads but does not convert, a FBX ad often triggers a conversion at a later time. When combined with search advertising, early results indicate that retargeting on FBX is effective at driving incremental conversions and an overall lower cost per conversion.

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