Acxiom Audience Operating System Integrated With Shift Open Marketing Cloud

By David Cohen 

AcxiomAOS650The Audience Operating System from analytics company Acxiom is now integrated into the Shift Open Marketing Cloud, tying comprehensive data and media buying together, the two companies announced Tuesday.

The Shift Open Marketing Cloud provides a one-stop shop for marketers seeking tools for planning, optimizing, and analyzing their campaigns on Facebook and other social networks, and the addition of Acxiom’s AOS will incorporate segments and predictive models so that marketers can create targeted audience groups that help them boost return on investment while slashing cost per conversion.

Shift Co-Founder and CEO James Borow said in a release announcing the integration:

We are thrilled to enhance our Open Marketing Cloud with Acxiom’s Audience Operating System. Acxiom’s exclusive audience segments and predictive models give marketers the best targeting possible. When combined with our robust Facebook ads solutions, the platform drives improved ad performance and helps achieve optimal business results. Clients are already experiencing an increase in CTR (click-through rates) of more than 300 percent on campaigns leveraging AOS audience data through our platform.

Acxiom CEO Scott Howe added:

We are excited about AOS’ momentum and the pace at which partnerships are accelerating — 60 to date — which proves AOS’ flexibility to support virtually any application. With Shift integrating AOS into its Open Marketing Cloud platform, marketers will gain the enhanced insight and media buying solutions they need to reach their customers successfully and deliver the most effective campaign results.