Milyoni Gives Ovation Facebook Fans ‘A Chance To Dance’

By David Cohen 

Social entertainment provider Milyoni will team up with arts-themed cable network Ovation to present new original reality competition series “A Chance to Dance” simultaneously on TV and Facebook Aug. 17.

“A Chance to Dance,” co-produced by “American Idol” co-creator and “So You Think You Can Dance” producers Nigel and Simon Lythgoe, will follow prominent U.K. dancers and contemporary choreographers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt as they audition, select, and train a new American dance company in just 28 days.

Facebook users who like the Ovation page will be able to watch all seven episodes via the social network, at the same time they air on the cable channel, and access exclusive interviews and content as they chat with friends.

Milyoni is making “A Chance to Dance” available via its Social Cinema platform for $1.99 per episode, or $11.99 for the seven-episode bundle, with payment available via PayPal or credit card.

Ovation Chief Operating Officer Chad Gutstein said:

Milyoni offers Ovation a unique opportunity to connect with viewers and attract a whole new following thanks to Facebook. Having recently crossed the 100,000-like mark, we’re very excited to be able to provide Ovation fans with a way to interact with each other and to give those fans who can’t subscribe to Ovation a way to sample our programming.

Milyoni Founder and CEO John Corpus added:

Milyoni continues to break new ground with yet another entertainment-industry first — debuting “A Chance to Dance” simultaneously on American TV and Facebook. The second screen continues to transform the way viewers consume content today, from something passive to a highly interactive online activity where they can engage with fellow fans and friends. We look forward to working with more innovative companies like Ovation to help broaden their reach while providing audiences with exclusive programming.

Readers: Would you pay $1.99 per episode for the additional social features provided by Milyoni if you already had access to Ovation?