8 Smartphone Apps to Prank Your Friends

By Guest 

Smartphone apps are great for keeping you efficient, but they’re even more fun when you want to kick back. Since the average smartphone user has 65 apps installed on their phone, we encourage you to have a few apps just for laughs. Next time you’re around family or friends, lighten the mood with a prank, and enjoy the storytelling for years to come. Most of these apps can be used by Android or iPhone, so get ready to laugh on.


1. How To Get Your Pets to Speak English

If you’re a pet lover, odds are you’ve let out a frustrated cry as your pet continued to whine to no avail. You sat there and wondered, what are you saying? Well, we’ve got you covered with the Animal Translator app – all you need is a talkative pet! This app translates your animals’ language into random English sentences, for added laughter at any moment.


2. “I’m Running Late” Made Easier with The Fake Car Accident

You’re driving along to the latest event when suddenly, BAM! A bit of your pre-party cheer is gone. Just kidding! You’re a safe driver, so this stomach sinking occurrence won’t happen to you. However, it may be a great excuse for why you’re running late to your friend’s party. With the “Dude, Your Car!” app, you can instantly send images of your “car crash,” or your friend’s.


3. A Haunting by GhostCam

The wintertime is a great for gathering around a fire with your friends and recalling scary stories. Next time, come prepared with proof of your haunting experience. Spook your friends as your pass around your picture phone, with ghostly images lurking in the background.


4. A Mischievous Ringtone

Between notifications for email, texts and calls, your phone is usually ringing off the hook, making this prank oh so timely. Changing a ringtone is the easiest prank you can play, and also one of the funniest. Whether you go for embarrassing pop song, or naughty bedroom sounds, this change in melody will get the attention of everyone in the room. If you want to guarantee laughter, be sure to time your call for maximum embarrassment.


5. Excuse Me, The President is Calling 

“Thanks for rehashing my most embarrassing stories, Mom. But, the president is calling, so I’ll have to excuse myself.” Now, tell us that is not the best exit strategy out there? Embarrassing moments at the dinner table or around friends? There are several apps that allow you to set up fake calls from your new famous best friend.


6. The Dreaded Phone Drop 

Have you ever had that heart sinking feeling when you dropped a friend’s new phone, and the screen shattered? Luckily with pranks, you get none of the guilt and all of the pleasure. Next time they get up and leave their phone behind, replace their wallpaper with an image of a broken smartphone screen.


7. The Lazy Man’s Guide to Home Control and Tricks 

Ah, the joy of a smartphone app that controls functions in your home. Not only are these apps just great to have, they’re also great for pranks. Download apps that turn off lights, open garage doors, or change the channel on the television.


8. The Late Risers Wake Up Call

The Wakerupper  is a free service that allows you to send a wake up call to a friend’s phone. Have a friend who is always “fashionably late” to an event? Make sure they get there on time with this friendly reminder. That, or have them rise and shine with the roosters to get the point.

As long your target is a savvy phone user, none of these pranks will inflict long-lasting damage. So, get out there and enjoy spreading laughter in the new year!

Image by vonne Wierink.