5 Little Known Diet Apps for Android That Don’t Cost A Cent

By CJ Arlotta Comment

With all of the recent talk regarding The 17-Day Diet, we decided to take a look into finding the app for our readers. Unfortunately, we fell short, because they don’t have one!

However, don’t be frustrated! Instead, we compiled a list of the Top 5 Free Little Known Diet Apps for the Android Platform. You’ll be in shape for the summer in no time!

1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal, developed by MyFitnessPal, LLC, takes the frustration out of counting calories. As we all know, calories are not always printed on the menu at our favorite restaurant, which causes us to lose track of our calorie intake. With MyFitnessPal, users have access to a database with over 912,000 foods (thankfully making it easier for individuals who are looking to keep track of their calorie count).

Not only does MyFitnessPal keep track of your calorie intake, but it also allows you to see how many calories you have burned during exercises. Just select the type of exercise performed, your weight and the length of your workout to find out your burned calories.

2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Finally an app that keeps track of your daily athletic activity. Endomondo Sports Tracker logs your sports in real time for cycling, running, walking and more.

Endomondo Sports Tracker also has many social aspects as well. Create a friends list, share goals on Facebook and provide your friends with real time peptalks as they exercise.

3. Instant Heart Rate

Keep track of your heart rate with Azumio, Inc‘s Instant Heart Rate app.

Instant Heart Rate turns turns your phone into a heart rate monitor, which will quickly and accurately provide you with your heart rate. If you’re skeptical, download the app to give it a try.


As you can tell from the apps above, a lot of the apps out there are designed for users who are looking to lose weight. JEFIT, on the other hand, provides bodybuilders with an application that makes their workout “environmentally friendly”.

Instead of having to keep track of your routine with paper and pencil, JEFIT allows its users to keep track of their workout on their smartphone. JETFIT’s workout planner also enables bodybuilders to search through hundreds of workout exercises, while being at the gym. Since a lot of bodybuilders bring their smartphone to the gym for music, this app allows users to stick to one device at the gym.

5. Sleep Bot Tracker

After all of that working out, it’s important for you to take some time off and rest. Sleep Bot Tracker, designed by Insomniapps, helps you do just that.

SleepBot is an app that analyzes your sleep with graphs and logs. Graphs will provide the user with sleep lengths, patterns, trends and sleep/wake time. Be sure to take advantage of the entry notes option as well!

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