5 Google Chrome Apps for Music Creators

By Reid McCarter Comment

The launch of the Google Chrome Web Store has provided all sorts of web users with plenty of handy new tools to take advantage of in their day to day lives and musicians are no exception. Although the current selection of music apps is somewhat slim, there are a few great releases that are worth the time of any music creator, even in the Store’s early weeks. Read on for a look at some of the most promising apps for music creators currently available on Chrome.

5. Whylophone?

It wouldn’t be right to start talking about Chrome apps that appeal to musicians without mentioning one of the most frivoulous (and awesome) ones currently available. Whylophone? is exactly what you think it is: an app that lets you compose or tinker mindlessly on a xylophone. It’s fun and it’s as complex or as basic as you want it to be — just like a real xylophone.

4. musweet

musweet is an app designed for the social music follower and represents a fantastic tool for indie bands looking to manage their web presence more effectively. Traditionally, making connections and finding like-minded artists to set up shows with has been a hit-and-miss process for burgeoning musicians. musweet simplifies the process by setting up a simple social network that seems destined to find a home within any of the world’s smaller music scenes. It allows users to track artists across various websites, check out their tweets, videos, pictures and audio while also hosting a Twitter-esque following and “watchlist” system.

3. Audio Editor by Aviary

Aviary’s Audio Editor is the kind of app that every musician wants to see more of; a free, relatively powerful editing program with an intuitive interface. From remixing songs or editing patched-in creations, Audio Editor is a great first step for the Chrome Web Store, demonstrating what is possible on the platform and giving a solid jump-off point for where to go with creative music apps in the future. Audio Editor by Aviary hosts features such as trimming, looping, reversing, pitch bends and more.

2. Metrodome

Metrodome has a few problems for such a simple app (occasional freezing for example) but the premise is something that warrants its inclusion on this list. Along with guitar tuners and basic drum machines, simple apps that provide customizable beat counting are an essential tool for musicians. Being able to fire up software like Metrodome from a browser or mobile makes songwriting easier. Even though it’s not perfect, Metrodome is still a great app for musicians to have on their radar.

1. Music Creator by Aviary

Aviary comes up again on this list because, simply enough, they’re making interesting apps that provide fantastic, free alternatives to more expensive (and less mobile) programs. Music Creator by Aviary, like its Audio Editor, offers a suite of basic creation features with a low barrier of entry for program novices. Users can pick from a healthy selection of samples to write drum loops, song sketches or entire tunes that are then able to be easily shared with others.