Good News, Bad News: Facebook Tops 3Q ‘Impact Media Value’ Index From General Sentiment

By David Cohen 

Facebook is No. 1, but this is both a good thing and a bad thing: The social network soared to the top spot of the ”impact media value” list in the Q3 2012 Global Brands report from General Sentiment, but that list factors in all mentions of the brand, good and bad.

General Sentiment said this marked Facebook’s debut on its charts, and the social network finished in the top spot with $751,163,560 of impact media value: $432,884,780 from Twitter, $168,204,318 from the news media, and $150,074,462 from social media (obviously not including Twitter).

The company described impact media value as follows:

Impact media value assigns positive value to all mentions on a scale determined by sentiment, adhering to the adage that, “All news is good news.” Impact media value measures a brand’s reach, placing a value on the overall level of discussion and exposure.

And General Sentiment’s entry on Facebook read:

Facebook joined our media value rankings this quarter and immediately dominated the list. Months after its initial public offering, the social networking service is still at the forefront of many minds. In mid-September, the company’s stock saw a boost after Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave his first interview since Facebook went public. However, Barron’s deemed its stock “still too pricey” near the end of the quarter.

Readers: How much of the $751,163,560 arrived at by General Sentiment do you think was positive, and how much was negative?