3 Things Marketers Are Noticing About Foursquare

By Devon Glenn 

Foursquare reportedly has plans to package its data for advertisers to use outside Foursquare, but some marketers say they are actually using the check-in service to talk to their customers on the network itself. Here are three things they like about the platform.

1. A Better User Experience

“Unlike other platforms, Foursquare still offers a simple way for consumers to discover unique information about a location and what is happening there,” said Venueseen CEO Brian Zuercher, whose company helps brands discover their fans’ photos on niche sites like Instagram as well as Foursquare.

With a greater focus on discovery, Foursqaure recently added new ways for users to search for local businesses by places they haven’t been yet and and an easier way to share to Facebook and Twitter from their iPhones once they actually check in.

Are brands taking Foursquare more seriously now? “Brand marketers are taking different platforms more seriously depending on their business goals,” Zuercher said.

2. Personalization for Multiple Locations

Expion, which helps global brands like Hilton, Applebee’s, and AMC monitor their presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, agrees.  “About 30% of our product road map is built from client requests and our clients focused on localization were asking for us to include Foursquare functionality,”  explained Erica McClenny, senior vice president of client services at Expion.

The ability to “like” tips and comments made to a brand’s Foursquare pages from their social media dashboards was the first feature to roll out to Expion’s clients when the company released its Foursquare integration yesterday. Soon, these brands will also be able to publish updates to local pages as well, the company said.

3. The Growing Community

“In general, Foursquare is expanding – the platform is now home to 1.3 million business pages, 3.5 billion check-ins and 33 million users,”  McClenny said, “and with Expion’s commitment to providing local social capabilities for our clients, rolling out Foursquare functionality was a natural step for us.”