Facebook: 1M Active Advertisers Over Past 28 Days

By David Cohen 

Facebook Director of Small Business Dan Levy announced a milestone of sorts during a small business roundtable in New York: 1 million advertisers have been active on the social network in the past 28 days.

Levy also revealed the following figures at “Bringing Main Street to Madison Avenue,” which included representatives from Visa, BarkBox, and Lolly Wolly Doodle

  • There are currently more than 2 billion connections on Facebook between local businesses and users.
  • In an average week, the Facebook pages of local businesses total more than 645 million views and 13 million comments.
  • Some 70 percent of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to local businesses.

And the social network announced the launch of the Facebook for Business Success Stories page, on which businesses can share their experiences with each other.

Levy wrote in a release on Facebook’s Newsroom:

Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and learning from many amazing business owners who use Facebook. Some have just set up their Facebook pages, while others are experts who share their tips with others. I’ve learned from companies like Ministry of Retail in Singapore, Springwools in Ireland, and Scene75 Entertainment Center in Ohio … and many more around the world.

I know business owners like these invest their hard-earned money and time into running their companies. So today, on behalf of everyone at Facebook, I want to say thank you to them and to the more than 1 million businesses like them that are active advertisers. You have chosen Facebook as a partner to grow your business. We appreciate the chance to work with you, and we celebrate your success.

The more than 1 million active advertisers on Facebook are real people with stories that inspire us and each other. I’d love to hear your stories. And I know you like to learn from each other. I invite you to share your stories at facebook.com/business/success, so that you can inspire more entrepreneurs to turn their passions into reality. We all start small. And whether you’re reaching your first customer or your millionth, I’m thankful that we’re a part of your business.

Readers: Are you surprised that Facebook was able to reach the milestone of 1 million active advertisers?