12 Weird Social Networks You’ve Never Heard Of

By Devon Glenn 

Mainstream social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are great for making small talk with old friends and colleagues, but where do you go when you just want to talk to someone about mustaches? This infographic shows 12 niche communities where people can geek out about everything from karaoke to knitting.

Interest in Facebook has fallen 10 percent among teens, according to a recent study, which some attribute to Facebook’s increasingly family-friendly vibe.

Even adults need a place for unbridled internet weirdness, which is where sites like REMCloud come in. This is a site where you can share a weird dream you had with others, which is not allowed at the office and, by extension, is probably not safe for LinkedIn. If you need a place to talk about your messy divorce, now you can give your Facebook friends a break and go to divorce360, where you’ll get advice on every stage of the process. Which brings us back to Stache Passions, a dating site for people with very specific taste in facial hair.

And it only gets weirder from there. Check out this infographic by MyLife: