12 Best Practices For Media Companies’ Facebook Pages

By David Cohen 

Facebook Journalism Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik and Scott Hershkowitz, who handles strategic partner development in sports and media for the social network, offered 12 best practices for media companies’ Facebook pages in a note on the Facebook + Media page.

Lavrusik and Hershkowitz said in introducing their list of best practices:

To provide insights into best practices for media organizations using Facebook pages, we conducted analysis on a sample of news pages that ranged from national to international news organizations to better understand how people are engaging with news content. As you develop your page strategy to grow your audience and engagement, consider the following learnings.

And their 12 best practices were:

  1. Share breaking news updates: Lavrusik and Hershkowitz said posts that included the terms “breaking” or “breaking news” saw engagement 57 percent higher than non-breaking news posts, and multiple updates in quick succession during news events yielded a 10 percent boost in engagement.
  2. Use a conversational tone and include analysis: Posts with a personal tone or clever language saw engagement of 120 percent above the average, and posts with analysis received 20 percent more referral clicks.
  3. Start conversations by asking questions and responding: Posts with prompts for conversation of questions saw engagement 70 percent above the average, and posts where page administrators used the social network’s replies feature received 14 percent more comments.
  4. Share stories visually with photos and videos to grab users’ attention: Posts with photos receive 50 percent more likes.
  5. Reward your audience with exclusive content.
  6. Use page insights to learn what content your audience cares most about and iterate: View feedback (likes, reach, and people talking about this) on each individual post to better understand what content your community finds most appealing.
  7. Target posts to bring your message to the right group: Page targeting enables page admins to publish stories into the News Feeds of audiences who are going to be most interested in the content, without inundating those who may not.
  8. Use engaging thumbnails for link stories: Links with thumbnails received 65 percent more likes and 50 percent more comments.
  9. Enable your community to participate through crowdsourcing content and commentary: Feature the best user content on websites, on-air, or via sharing it on pages.
  10. Vary your post type — users don’t engage the same way with every post: Mix it up between status updates, links, polls, and photos.
  11. Use Pages Manager to update on mobile.
  12. Optimize your page for Graph Search and mobile: Ensure that your page description is complete and up-to-date, which will help its performance in Graph Search results, and pin posts to ensure that users see the most important stories on both desktop and mobile.

Readers: Did Lavrusik and Hershkowitz leave anything out?