McDonald’s Introduces Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into Virtual Reality Headsets

By Shawn Paul Wood Comment


Quick Quiz: When you think McDonald’s, what do you think?

I’m loving it? Big Mac? Childhood obesity?¬†Whatever comes to mind, it usually revolves around food. Those were the good ol’ days.

Now, in Sweden, McDonald’s fans will get more out of their Happy Meal than a toy that will fall apart in three days. The box will actually become a real-life transformer and change into a virtual reality headset to create Happy Goggles.

According to PRNewser’s mothership¬†Adweek, the home of the Golden Arches came up with the promo specifically for Sportlov, a one-week school break meant to encourage families to go on ski trips. McD’s even developed a ski-themed VR game called Slope Stars to go with the headset.

See for yourself:

If you are a brand enthusiast in Sweden, visit one of 14 restaurants from March 5 to 12 for a chance to capture from cardboard View Masters for a little more than $4 (USD). You know, if you don’t mind a box of day-old fries and pink gooey chicken nuggets on your kids’ faces.