Old Spice Campaign Smells Like a Sales Success, Too


Nielsen, however, did not provide sales figures for the latter. Old Spice deodorant sales rose 30 percent since February, according to SymphonyIRI.

Gary Stibel, CEO and founder of The New England Consulting Group, said his data also shows a lift for Old Spice. “We think that Old Spice is up. We don’t think it’s up in the double digits, but it’s up meaningfully, and we think it’s driven 100 percent by marketing.” Stibel scoffed at speculation that the campaign might not be effective because it attempts to appeal to women rather than men.

“We think it’s targeted to both sexes,” he said. “It’s targeted to people who are attractive or want to be attractive.” In fact, Stibel says that according to his research, many Old Spice buyers are divorced men. Said Stibel: “A lot of people are buying Old Spice now and it isn’t because they’re young.”      

On the engagement front, the campaign, which was enhanced by a real-time component earlier this month in which Mustafa personally responded to blogger and Twitter-based comments about the campaign via video, is also a clear success.

The response videos have been viewed more than 40 million times. Total brand views on the Web are estimated to have surpassed 110 million.

Still, Stibel said without a strong correlation to sales—which is obvious in this case—it’s hard to consider a campaign a success. “Good campaigns can take a while to take off,” said Stibel, “but great campaigns have an impact right away.” —With Elaine Wong